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If you and your family are cremating a loved one for the first time, you might not have any idea how long it takes for a cremation to play out. You should find out more about this before you begin planning their cremation services in South Tucson, AZ. It’ll make cremating your loved one a slightly less stressful process for you overall. It’ll help to know what you can expect while you’re cremating your loved one. The average cremation will take somewhere between 1 and 3 hours, but the actual time it’ll take will depend on a handful of factors. Learn about these factors below.

Your loved one’s height and weight

Your loved one’s height and weight will be a couple of the most important factors when it comes to how long their South Tucson, AZ cremation will take. The taller and/or heavier your loved one is, the longer it’s going to take for their body to be cremated. A funeral home should be able to give you a better idea as to how your loved one’s height and weight might impact the timing of their cremation.

The cremation container utilized for your loved one’s body

Before your loved one’s body can be placed into a cremation chamber, it will need to go into a cremation container. This container will make it easy for a crematory to move your loved one’s body into a cremation chamber. In most cases, your loved one’s body will be put into a basic combustible container that won’t slow the cremation process down at all. But in other instances, families will choose to put the bodies of their loved ones into what will amount to caskets. This can slow a person’s cremation down a little bit and make it take longer. The cremation container you choose to use will play a part in how long your loved one’s cremation lasts.

The temperature of a cremation chamber

The temperature inside a cremation chamber will often fall somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature inside a cremation chamber falls somewhere on the lower end of that spectrum, it will mean that your loved one’s cremation will take a little longer than usual. If it falls on the higher end of the spectrum, it will result in your loved one’s cremation being over and done faster than normal. You should inquire as to where the temperature will fall for your loved one’s cremation when planning their services at a funeral home.

The time that you loved one’s cremation occurscremation services in South Tucson, AZ

Something as simple as the time when your loved one’s cremation takes place could have an effect on how long it lasts. If it occurs in the morning, a cremation chamber might not be hot enough to pull off a quick cremation just yet. If it occurs late in the afternoon, the opposite might be true as a cremation chamber will be about as warm as it’s going to get. It’s one more factor to keep in the back of your mind as you try to figure out how long a loved one’s cremation will last.

When families plan South Tucson, AZ cremations through our funeral home, we can give them some insight into how long these cremations might last. We can also answer any other questions they might have about cremating their loved ones. Contact us for additional information on cremating your loved one through our funeral home.

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